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As De-Ka Elektroteknik,


As an organization aiming to be the first choice of customers in the Plug Cable and Grouping field with our international brand and competitive power, our company conducts activities of plug cable and cable design, production, and sales with the contributions of our Board of Directors and all our employees;

We commit to continue our efforts and investments to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level, create differentiation in customer expectations by supporting entrepreneurship and creativity,

Continuously improve our quality level and efficiency with a customer-focused process approach,

Minimize environmental impacts and contribute to environmental protection,

Prevent pollution from our facilities, strive to reduce waste at its source, and maximize recycling where possible,

Increase the efficiency of our consumption of natural resources, reuse waste materials as much as possible, and shift towards renewable energies,

Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent impairment of our employees' health and prevent injuries,

Eliminate hazards and reduce HSE risks,

Conduct awareness-raising activities for all our employees and relevant stakeholders regarding integrated management systems,

Continuously improve our system and establish a way for consultation and participation of employees and employee representatives,

Continuously improve our environmental, occupational health and safety, quality, and information security performance,

Maintain the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of information,

Assess and manage risks that may arise on its and stakeholders' information assets,

Apply necessary sanctions in case of information security breaches,

Reduce the impact of information security threats on business/service continuity and ensure the continuity and sustainability of business,

Comply with all applicable compliance obligations arising from management standards and other requirements within the scope of the integrated management system,

Together with all our employees, fulfill the requirements of this policy and our occupational health and safety, quality, information security, and environmental responsibilities,

We pledge to continue our efforts and investments.

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