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DE-KA Elektroteknik A.Ş. considers “people” as the most valuable asset during all its activities and by building a safer and healthier working environment, adopts minimising any loss that might occur as a primary objective.

As required by this policy, the main topics given below has been set forth.

• Complying with all domestic regulations regarding Occupational Health & Safety matters, also acting in accordance to international standards.

• Through a systematic approach, controlling risks regarding Occupational Health & Safety, and also providing continuous improvement in Occupational Health & Safety by continuous improvement principle.

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• Evaluating the efficiency of new products, facilities and processes in terms of Occupational Health & Safety.

• Minimizing accidents and sicknesses by controlling hazards at their sources with the participation of each and every employee.

• Developing methods which would minimise the tangible and intangible losses due to any accidents or emergencies during the working process.

• Training employees in Occupational Health & Safety matters for succeeding and continuous improvement. Providing necessary equipment for Occupational Health and Safety.


DE-KA Elektroteknik A.Ş. is a social responsibility conscious company which acts on the basis of “people come first” principle within every stage of production and management.  DE-KA considers complying with legal and ethical principles during all its activities, facilitating natural resources in the most effective & productive manner, avoiding harming the environment and human health and enhancing and maintaining values at all times as its major responsibilities.

Our Social Responsibility Principles and Values

• Compliance with Laws and Other Obligations; Following current law & regulations along with the joint venture rules of our clients and conducting activities accordingly,

• Involuntary Servitude; Not employing unwilling labourers bound by contract against their wills,

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• Child Labour; Acting in compliance with procedures and principles regarding child and teenage labour, not employing underage labourers as stated by law,

• Preventing Harassment and Assault; Not allowing physical and psychological harassment or forcing,

• Remunerations and Disbursements; Rendering payments of the employees determined by law and collective labour agreement as well as providing social rights set by the collective labour agreement,

• Working Hours; Complying with current laws and regulations for determination of  working hours and complying with voluntariness principle for overtime work,

• Anti-Discrimination; Employing workforce not according to their race, colour, language, religion, ethnic origin or gender but based on their ability to work, furthermore setting salaries and promotions accordingly,

• Occupational Health and Safety; Complying with international obligations regarding occupational health and safety obligations brought forth by international regulations, taking precautions by determining workplace hazards, adopting a working system based on prioritising workers health, furthermore conducting occupational health and safety activities in compliance with internationally recognised management standards as well as targeting continuous improvement,

• Freedom of Forming Association; Not interfering with workers who form legal and peaceful associations,

• Environment; Complying with related environmental laws and regulations, preventing environmental pollution, decreasing pollution at its source and conducting environmental management activities in accordance with internationally recognised management standards while targeting continuous improvement,

are the requirements of our social responsibility.


DE-KA Elektroteknik A.Ş. is a social responsibility conscious company which acts on the basis of “people come first” principle within every stage of production and management. DE-KA believes in human resources playing a major part in providing customer satisfaction as well as reaching sustainable, stable growth targets and Company Vision.

“Our Vision”, “Management Principles and Values”, “Social Responsibility Policy” and laws constitute the main starting point for our human resources approach whereas human resources planning, selection,, development and enhancement of employee motivation & satisfaction have been determined as our Human Resources policy in accordance with our company vision, strategic plans and targets.

In this context;

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• in accordance with our company needs, bringing professionals with adequate qualifications into the organisation and swiftly integrating them into the DE-KA corporate structure,

• prioritising our employees’ motivation, satisfaction and loyalty to DE-KA,

• providing our employees with the opportunity of training and self improvement for supporting corporate objectives,

• by building up a system that shall enable performance evaluation and improvement of our employees, appreciating and rewarding their successes,

• creating and maintaining  a peaceful working environment which is appropriate in terms of occupational health and safety,

• providing equality in opportunity for our employees,

• protecting the tangible and intangible rights of our employees,

• conducting a transparent and clear management policy,

• reviewing , updating and improving our Human Resources Policy regularly are our main principles.

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